Monday, April 3, 2017

Baseball: 2017 Deep Run Spring Break Tournament Schedule

Here is the full schedule for the Deep Run Spring Break Baseball Tournament, to be held April 10th through 12th at the school:

FIRST ROUND (Monday April 10):

Game 1: Midlothian 13, Caroline 2
Game 2: Lee-Davis 7, Monacan 5
Game 3: St. Christopher's 7, Grassfield 4
Game 4: #2 Benedictine 4, Deep Run 1

SEMIFINALS (Tuesday April 11):

Game 5: Caroline 6, Monacan 5 
Game 6: Grassfield 16, Deep Run 6
Game 7: #6 Lee-Davis 5, Midlothian 2 
Game 8: St. Christopher's 10, #2 Benedictine 8

CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND (Wednesday April 12):

7th Place Game: Deep Run 11, Monacan 10
3rd Place Game: #2 Benedictine 5, Midlothian 4
5th Place Game: Grassfield 13, Caroline 3
Championship: #6 Lee-Davis 5, St. Christopher's 2 


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