Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Conference 12: Varina, Highland Springs Move On

A tale of two games, a fitting title for two incredibly different matchups, tempos, defenses, offenses and teams. On Tuesday night, the higher seeds won out, as the Springers from Highland Springs defeated the Royals from Prince George 68-62 and the Blue Devils of Varina easily dismantled the Warriors of Matoaca 54-39. One would define the matchup between Varina and Matoaca as slow-paced, unapprehensive and well-calculated, while the second game would be one known as a “free-for-all”, a game where high-flying dunks and falls from above the basket were more than common.
After a pretty even first half in which Varina led by only five at the break, the Blue Devils pulled away and won by sixteen come the final buzzer. Jhalen Thomas led all Springer scorers with fifteen points, nine of which came from behind the arc. Two other Springer players were in double digits, as Andre Watkins had twelve and Anthony Taylor added another ten. For the Blue Devils, Terrance Whitfield matched Thomas’s scoring at fifteen, while perennial scorer Obidiah Stith heated up in the second half to finish with ten points.
A major advantage for Varina was their ability to reach the free-throw line consistently compared to Matoaca who only reached it four times the entire evening, draining 75% of their shots. Matoaca actually rebounded Varina 19-15, but had a considerably smaller put-back percentage. The Warriors also turned it over eleven more times than the Blue Devils. Varina moves to 17-6 on the season and advances to play Meadowbrook tomorrow evening at 7:15 at Meadowbrook.
While the first game was slow and collected, the second could be described as a unending offensive attack from both sides, as four players scored more than 15 points. At many points during the game, players from both teams could be found on the floor, scrapping for balls and climbing over each other for a chance to win the possession. Donald Little took over the game for the Springers, scoring 15 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter alone, almost singlehandedly leading them to victory. Arthur Radford added another 19 to help his team advance. For the Royals, Cory Hill used his high-flying abilities to drop 19 on the opponent and big man Savonte Chappell donated 18 more.

From the line, the Royals shot 78% from the line compared to the Springers’ 59%, but even this was not enough, as they turned the ball over twenty times over the course of 32 minutes. Both teams advanced to 12-11 on the season, but only Highland Springs will advance to tomorrow where they will meet the 19-1 Skyhawks of L. C. Bird in the semifinals for a chance to play in the 5A South Regional Tournament.

(contributed by RVA Sports Network correspondent Preston Hausser)

Friday, February 12, 2016

TRACK: Updated 5A South Region Tournament Schedule

Due to snow in Hampton Roads Friday, the 5A South Region Meet at Boo Williams Sportsplex was moved to a Saturday/Monday format, taking advantage of the President's Day holiday.

The current schedule is posted below.


Coaches Meeting: 11:15am
Certification (Shot Put/Pole Vault): 11:30am

12pm: Girls Triple Jump, then Boys
          Girls Pole Vault, then Boys
12:45pm: Boys Shot Put, Girls High Jump

12pm: Girls 4 X 800
12:15pm: Boys 4 X 800

2pm: Girls 55 Meter Hurdles
2:10pm: Boys 55 Meter Hurdles
2:20pm: Girls 55 Meters
2:30pm: Boys 55 Meters

3:15pm: Girls 55 Meter Hurdles
3:25pm: Boys 55 Meter Hurdles
3:35pm: Girls 55 Meters
3:40pm: Boys 55 Meters


Coaches Meeting: 9:15am
Certification (Shot Put): 9:30am

10am: Girls Long Jump, then Boys, followed by Girls Shot Put and Boys High Jump

12pm: Girls 4 X 200 Relay
12:20pm: Boys 4 X 200 Relay
12:30pm: Girls 1600 Meters
12:50pm: Boys 1600 Meters
1:10pm: Girls 500 Meters
1:20pm: Boys 500 Meters
1:30pm: Girls 1000 Meters
1:45pm: Boys 1000 Meters
2pm: Girls 300 Meters
2:10pm: Boys 300 Meters
2:20pm: Girls 3200 Meters
2:40pm: Boys 3200 Meters
3pm: Girls 4 X 400 Meters
3:10pm: Boys 4 X 400 Meters

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

GAME OF THE WEEK DOUBLEHEADER: Hermitage at Mills Godwin

Listen LIVE tonight at 6pm to Conference 11 action in a girls/boys varsity doubleheader when the Hermitage Panthers travel to Pump Road to battle the Mills Godwin Eagles on our final regular season edition of the Game Of The Week on RVA Sports Network!

To listen, just click on the YouTube icon below!

Conference 11 Gymnastics Results; 5A South Region Information

1) Douglas Freeman: 140.15
2) Lee-Davis: 139.025
3) Glen Allen: 129.425
4) Mills Godwin: 126.675
5) Deep Run: 126.075
6) Henrico: 97.675
7) J.R. Tucker: 40.225

1) Kameryn Shears, Douglas Freeman: 36.475
2) Brooke Morris, Lee-Davis: 36.3
3) Mallory Girvin, Douglas Freeman: 35.575
4) Madison Godsey, Lee-Davis: 35.5
5) Cameron McCarty, Douglas Freeman: 33.675
6) Savannah Leonard, Glen Allen: 33.325
7) Logan Gutzmer, Mills Godwin: 32.8
8) Phoebe Lake, Deep Run: 32.775
9) Erika Reiter, Mills Godwin: 32.75
10) Camden Harrison, Deep Run: 32.675

1) Brooke Morris, Lee-Davis: 9.05
2) Savannah Hughes, Glen Allen: 9.0
3) Kameryn Shears, Douglas Freeman: 8.9
4) Erin Hayes, Douglas Freeman: 8.725
5) Mallory Girvin, Douglas Freeman: 8.6
6) Madison Godsey, Lee-Davis: 8.4
7) Cameron McCarty, Douglas Freeman: 8.05
8) Camden Harrison, Deep Run: 7.85
9) Kylie Stonebreaker, Lee-Davis: 7.775
10) Savannah Leonard, Glen Allen: 7.675

1) Brooke Morris, Lee-Davis: 9.375
2) Madison Godsey, Lee-Davis: 9.275
3) Kameryn Shears, Douglas Freeman: 9.2
4) Mallory Girvin, Douglas Freeman: 9.05
5) Cameron McCarty, Douglas Freeman: 8.775
6) Logan Gutzmer, Mills Godwin: 8.55
7) Savannah Leonard, Glen Allen: 8.525
8T) Wizzie Christopher, Douglas Freeman: 8.475
8T) Kate Reamsnyder, Douglas Freeman: 8.475
10) Britney Morris, Lee-Davis: 8.475

1) Kameryn Shears, Douglas Freeman: 9.55
2) Kylie Stonebreaker, Lee-Davis: 9.325
3) Mallory Girvin, Douglas Freeman: 9.175
4) Madison Godsey, Lee-Davis: 8.925
5) Phoebe Lake, Deep Run: 8.75
6) Savannah Leonard, Glen Allen: 8.675
7) Wizzie Christopher, Douglas Freeman: 8.6
8T) Brittney Blowers, Lee-Davis: 8.575
8T) Brooke Morris, Lee-Davis: 8.575
10) Logan Gutzmer, Mills Godwin: 8.55

1) Brooke Morris, Lee-Davis: 9.3
2) Madison Godsey, Lee-Davis: 8.9
3) Kameryn Shears, Douglas Freeman: 8.825
4) Mallory Girvin, Douglas Freeman: 8.75
5) Britney Morris, Lee-Davis: 8.725
6) Erika Reiter, Mills Godwin: 8.7
7T) Erin Hayes, Douglas Freeman: 8.6
7T) Kylie Stonebreaker, Lee-Davis: 8.6
9T) Camden Harrison, Deep Run: 8.55
9T) Savannah Hughes, Glen Allen: 8.55


WHEN: Saturday February 13th
WHERE: Salem High School, 1993 Sundevil Drive, Virginia Beach

The meet will begin at 12pm with the Processional scheduled for 12:30pm. The approximate time for the Awards Ceremony is 4pm, but, as always, is subject to change.

Monday, February 1, 2016

LISTEN LIVE: Deep Run Battles John Marshall on "Game Of The Week"!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE as #1 Deep Run hosts #4 John Marshall in a boys basketball showdown tonight only on RVA Sports Network, preceded by the ninth-ranked Wildcat girls taking on the Justices in our first game!

Coverage begins at 6pm!