Monday, November 17, 2014

HONORS: 12 Blue Devils Make All-Conference 3 Football Team

Congratulations to the follow student-athletes for receiving All-Conference 3 Football honors announced today. Unanimous selections are noted with (*).


Center: Andrew Crostic, Varina
OL: Charles Hall, Varina*
OL: Josh Parker, Thomas Dale*
OL: Isaiah Christmas, James River
OL: Clay Woolwine, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
OL: Taylor Griffin, Cosby
TE: Marco Carrabotta, Thomas Dale*
WR: Nygel Lee, James River*
WR: Desmond Smith, Varina
WR: Marcus Terry, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
RB: Eric Finney, Thomas Dale*
RB: Allisshuwa Becoat, Varina*
RB: Quintreil Chung, James River*
QB: Khalid Morris, Thomas Dale
K: Bryson Henry, Cosby*
KR: Andrew Harris, Franklin County*
Offense All-Purpose: Quintreil Chung, James River


DL: Drew Birchmeier, Cosby*
DL: Akeem Smith, Varina
DL: Darvin Taylor, Thomas Dale
DE: Marco Carrabotta, Thomas Dale
DE: Arnold Roots, Varina
LB: Nick Ianuzzi, Cosby*
LB: Matt Duignam, James River*
LB: Sam Stark, Thomas Dale
LB: Chris Tedder, Varina
DB: Bradley Parcell, Franklin County*
DB: Ryan Ott, James River*
DB: Torin Prentice, Cosby*
DB: Trent Williams, Thomas Dale
P: Marshall Bloom, Cosby
PR: Trent Williams, Thomas Dale*
Defense All Purpose: Marco Carrabotta, Thomas Dale*

Conference 3 Offensive Player of The Year: Eric Finney, Thomas Dale
Conference 3 Defensive Player of The Year: Marco Carrabotta, Thomas Dale
Conference 3 Coach of The Year: Kevin Tucker, Thomas Dale


Center: Blayze Gray, James River
OL: Quincy Payne, Cosby
OL: Kyle Adams, Franklin County
OL: Trevor Reed, Thomas Dale
OL: Russell Hicks, Varina
OL: Bryce Sizemore, Thomas Dale
TE: Tyler Bennett, Franklin County
WR: Brian Bullock, Thomas Dale
WR: Rasheed Whorley, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
WR: Christian Redman, James River
WR: Kameron Cladwell, Cosby
RB: Tyler Wells, Cosby
RB: Trent Williams, Thomas Dale
RB: Andrew Harris, Franklin County
RB: Javaun James, James River
QB: Quishon Calfee, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
K: Plato Eliedes, Thomas Dale
KR: Trent Williams, Thomas Dale
       Rasheed Whorley, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
Offense All-Purpose: Corey Finney, Varina


DL: Nick Turner, Franklin County
DL: Jacob Trout, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
DL: Jeff Combs, Cosby
DE: Marquise Culver, James River
DE: Justin Amagoh, Thomas Dale
LB: Tyler Jones, Franklin County
LB: Raguan Hall, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
LB: Keith Anderson, Thomas Dale
LB: Brydon Carroll, Varina
DB: Davon Wright, Varina
DB: Tyler Wells, Cosby
DB: Brandon Macklin, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
DB: Alonzie Carter, Thomas Dale
DB: Christian Redman, James River
P: Nick Nunez, Varina
PR: Nygel Lee, James River
Defense All-Purpose: Justice Peebles, James River

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