Monday, May 19, 2014

LACROSSE: Current Records, Updated Power Ratings....

For the Richmond Group, the playoff quarterfinal matchups are coming into view. They should be made official later Tuesday evening. For now, here are the standings:

(REMINDER: Games against non-VHSL teams do NOT count in standings with power ratings. Thus, Douglas Freeman, Atlee and Deep Run boys lacrosse, for example, each have one less loss in the standings that determine the power ratings that rank the teams for tournament play...)


Douglas Freeman: 13-1 (7.000, 13-0)
Atlee: 10-3 (5.917, 10-2)
Hanover: 9-3 (4.666)
Deep Run 8-6 (4.308, 8-5)
Lee-Davis 5-8 (2.769)
Glen Allen 5-9 (2.571)
Mills Godwin 4-9 (2.231)
Hermitage 1-13

Douglas Freeman: 12-1 (6.538)
Atlee: 10-1 (6.363)
Deep Run: 7-5 (4.083)
Hanover: 6-5 (3.909)
Mills Godwin: 6-7 (3.308)
Glen Allen: 5-8 (2.769)
Lee-Davis: 3-10 (1.692)
Hermitage: 0-13

At this point, look for Douglas Freeman, Atlee, Hanover, and Deep Run to host Richmond Group Quarterfinals on Thursday night as the first-ever VHSL Lacrosse Championships that includes Richmond-area teams gets underway!

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