Friday, December 9, 2016

The 2016 5A State Championship: Highland Springs vs. Stone Bridge

When: Saturday, 12:07pm
Where: Armstrong Stadium, Hampton University, Hampton, VA
Tickets: $10, available at the door
Parking: Near stadium, $5

TWITTER: @henricosports
RADIO: WRNL (910), airtime 11:30am
VIDEO: Available for a fee by clicking here
TV: None

HONORS: All-5A South Region Football Team Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being selected to the All-5A South Region Football Team (county honorees in bold):


Center: Marshall Hicks, L.C. Bird
OL: Khari Edmundson, Hermitage
OL: Jeb Boswell, Lee-Davis
OL: Mekhi Becton, Highland Springs
OL: Anthony Craig, Norview
QB: Juwan Carter, Highland Springs (pictured below)
RB: Shedrick McCall, L.C. Bird
RB: Kevin Marks, Norview
RB: Nathan Evans, Lee-Davis
WR: Anton Ashby, Norview
WR: Jeremiah Owusu, Bethel
WR: Nasir Hines, Hermitage
WR: Chris Thaxton, Highland Springs
TE: Demetrick Atkins, L.C. Bird
K: Tommy Martin, Hickory
KR: Devonte Williams, Salem
All-Purpose: Tanner Dobrucky, Douglas Freeman

DE: Jahmol Robinson, Hermitage
DE: Aaron Motley, Highland Springs
DL: Derrick Eason, Norview
DL: Akeem Smith, Henrico
DL: Nick Ackies, Douglas Freeman
DL: Tavion Blackwell, Highland Springs
LB: Isaiah Johnson, Norview
LB: Mateo Jackson, Hermitage
LB: Rayshard Ashby, L.C. Bird
LB: Jordan Wall, Highland Springs
DB: Taeyonn Reynolds, Salem
DB: Anton Ashby, Norview
DB: DeAndre Walker, Henrico
DB: Rell Coley, Highland Springs
P: Alex Burton, Hermitage
PR: Davonte Williams, Salem
All-Purpose: Jeremiah Owusu, Bethel

Region Offensive Player of The Year: Juwan Carter, Highland Springs
Region Defensive Player of The Year: Rayshard Ashby, L.C. Bird
Region Coach Of The Year: Loren Johnson, Highland Springs

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

LINK TO LISTEN LIVE: #1 L.C. Bird at #4 Varina Boys Basketball

CLICK HERE to listen live as the number one team in The RVA Sports Network's Top 10 Boys Basketball Poll, the L.C. Bird Skyhawks, travel to Varina to battle the fourth-ranked Blue Devils in a Conference 12 showdown!

Our live, exclusive coverage begins at 7:30pm at the link above on The RVA Sports Network's YouTube Channel. Make sure to click "subscribe" when you're at our YouTube Channel page so you'll never miss another live RVA Sports Network high school sports broadcast!

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Monday, December 5, 2016

5A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP PRIMER: Stone Bridge vs. Highland Springs

What: The 5A State Football Championship
When: Saturday, December 10th, 12:07pm kickoff
Where: Armstrong Stadium, Hampton University
Tickets: $10, available at the gate
Parking: CLICK HERE (there could be a fee)

LIVE TWITTER COVERAGE: @henricosports from The RVA Sports Network, 11:00AM

TV: Currently None, Watch Online From VHSL (for a fee) by CLICKING HERE
Radio: WRNL, Fox Sports 910, 11:30AM

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wrestling: Central Virginia Classic Results

Here are the top results from this weekend's Central Virginia Wrestling Classic which took place at Glen Allen High School (results courtesy of


1st Place
Riley Starcher (Grassfield) 42-14, So. over Joseph McMillin (Powhatan) 28-15, So. (Dec 7-4).
3rd Place
Kevin Velez (Clover Hill) 26-10, So. over Bruno Alveres (Brooke Point) 4-2, Fr. (Fall 4:44).
5th Place
Cameron Chicella (Ocean Lakes) 15-22, So. over Cole Gorvett (Westfield) 2-3, Fr. (For.).


1st Place
Will Lisenby (Westfield) 3-0, Jr. over Evan Buchanan (Atlee) 3-1, Fr. (SV-1 9-7).
3rd Place
Carson Tinsley (Mills Godwin) 31-9, Sr. over Elijah Jordan (Powhatan) 38-14, Sr. (Fall 3:29).
5th Place
Jordan Smith (Hanover) 21-18, So. over Justus Jones (Brooke Point) 21-12, Sr. (Dec 5-3).


1st Place
Bobby Quinones (Westfield) 5-0, Jr. over Josh Montague (Brooke Point) 20-13, Jr. (Fall 5:43).
3rd Place
Brycen Martz (Ocean Lakes) 28-17, Sr. over Jacob Mills (Grassfield) 36-20, Sr. (Dec 13-12).
5th Place
Mariano Hornedo (Atlee) 44-20, Sr. over Anthony Commuzi (Atlee) 36-18, Jr. (Fall 3:22).


1st Place
Aaron Freidhof (Prince George) 4-0, Sr. over Sam Slate (Benedictine) 7-2, Fr. (Fall 1:46).
3rd Place
Brandon Bye (Millbrook) 5-1, Sr. over Josh Epperly (Hanover) 3-2, Fr. (Fall 3:51).
5th Place
Brenden Lugo (Grassfield) 18-6, Sr. over Brett Reid (Douglas Freeman) 14-13, Sr. (Fall 1:50).


1st Place
Collin Gerardi (Powhatan) 44-6, Jr. over Zachary Gillette (Grassfield) 47-10, Sr. (Fall 1:40).
3rd Place
Joseph Knight (Brooke Point) 32-4, Sr. over Nate Hackman (Ocean Lakes) 34-15, Sr. (Fall 2:10).
5th Place
Caleb Bland (Hermitage) 31-10, Sr. over Oleg Johnson (Westfield) 4-3, So. (Dec 6-5).


1st Place
Aidan Murphy (Ocean Lakes) 5-0, Sr. over Garrett Plummer (Lee Davis) 38-14, Sr. (Fall 1:55).
3rd Place
Michael Dew (Glen Allen) 35-10, Jr. over Daniel Goodwin (Grassfield) 44-17, Sr. (Dec 6-3).
5th Place
David Hoover (Hanover) 24-13, Jr. over Eric Hogge (Midlothian) 24-11, Sr. (Dec 11-10).


1st Place
Jeffrey Hoyt (Powhatan) 24-20, Jr. over Jonathon Conrad (Lee Davis) 35-8, Jr. (Fall 3:21).
3rd Place
Ian Baker (Monacan) 34-7, Jr. over AJ Deutel (Brooke Point) 14-7, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).
5th Place
Ben Hillard (Ocean Lakes) 8-8, Jr. over Sebastian Cobb (Hanover) 5-3, Jr. (Fall 3:37).


1st Place
Carson Allen (Hanover) 36-9, Jr. over Fisher Evans (Lee Davis) 46-12, Jr. (Fall 3:19).
3rd Place
Samuel Tomlinson (Powhatan) 32-14, Jr. over Braxton Fell (Grafton) 3-2, Sr. (Dec 9-4).
5th Place
Ibram Bector (Hermitage) 27-12, Jr. over Cal Cochran (Westfield) 22-28, Jr. (Fall 2:27).


1st Place
Alex Britto (Collegiate) 34-14, Sr. over Andy Aldridge (Lee Davis) 3-1, Fr. (Inj. 0:00).
3rd Place
Jacob Kennedy (Prince George) 5-1, Jr. over Austin Pitts (Mills Godwin) 28-17, So. (Fall 0:58).
5th Place
Jack Drimer (Mills Godwin) 5-2, Jr. over Jeremiah Vivero (Grafton) 3-3, Sr. (Dec 4-3).


1st Place
Andrew Anthony (Lee Davis) 33-9, Sr. over Xever Lemieux (Millbrook) 6-8, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place
Wallace Canada (Prince George) 4-1, So. over Will Sayegh (Midlothian) 26-8, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).
5th Place
Cohen Call (Atlee) 36-18, Jr. over Logan Pettorini (Brooke Point) 13-9, Sr. (Fall 3:51).

182 Results

1st Place
Stephen Burrell (Grassfield) 47-11, Sr. over Edward `Ned` Anthony (Lee Davis) 42-7, Jr. (Dec 9-5).
3rd Place
Jacob Sinsel (Ocean Lakes) 34-15, Sr. over Gabe Neaverth (Millbrook) 22-19, Sr. (Fall 1:39).
5th Place
Luke Armstrong (Grafton) 4-2, Sr. over Brandon Whitton (Westfield) 26-22, Sr. (Dec 10-4).


1st Place
Cody Roundtree (Clover Hill) 31-10, Sr. over Martiese Phipps (Monacan) 17-12, Jr. (Dec 6-5).
3rd Place
Fabrizio Lazo (Westfield) 20-15, Jr. over Hunter Beck (Lee Davis) 3-2, Jr. (MD 8-0).
5th Place
Emanuel Torres (Hermitage) 3-2, Fr. over Austin Yogi (Amelia) 15-19, Sr. (For.).


1st Place
Yates Carrier (Ocean Lakes) 4-0, Sr. over Sari Maksad (Lee Davis) 25-15, Sr. (Fall 1:02).
3rd Place
Xavier Brown (Monacan) 25-16, Sr. over Jackson Burkey (Clover Hill) 3-2, So. (Fall 0:47).
5th Place
Zeke Elswick (Mills Godwin) 3-2, Jr. over James Walters (Deep Run) 2-3, Jr. (Fall 1:48).


1st Place
Trevor Burns (Grassfield) 39-11, Jr. over Ramses Montalvo (Brooke Point) 17-6, Jr. (SV-1 4-2).
3rd Place
Justin Spencer (Mills Godwin) 19-3, Sr. over Robbie Adelstein (Atlee) 21-10, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place
Tavon Blowe (Millbrook) 19-15, Jr. over Jack Oppenheim (Deep Run) 3-3, Sr. (Dec 5-4).


1) Lee-Davis: 220.5
2) Grassfield: 184.5
3) Powhatan: 153.5
4) Westfield: 149
5) Ocean Lakes: 143.5

7) Mills Godwin: 109.5
8) Prince George: 108
9) Atlee: 102.5

11) Clover Hill: 94.5
12) Hanover: 92
13) Monacan: 61
14) Collegiate: 60.5
15) Glen Allen: 58

17) Hermitage: 50.5
18) Thomas Dale: 42.5
19) Midlothian: 40
20T) Deep Run and Douglas Freeman: 38

Saturday, December 3, 2016

5A State Semifinal: Highland Springs 28, Norview 25

It's a far different road this season. Each road to a championship opportunity always is. But, ironically, the final hurdle remains the same.

After taking the very best shot the Norview Pilots had to offer, the Highland Springs Springers finally were able to punch their return ticket to the 5A State Championship Game, relying on one final defensive stand to win 28-25 and get a rematch with Stone Bridge, who won the 5A North Region title over top-seeded Massaponax 27-21 Friday night, in next Saturday's game at Hampton University.

For the Springers (13-1), it was a pensive afternoon, filled with opportunities, but never able to shake Norview like they did Indian River in the 5A South Region Championship a season ago. The Pilots' defense stepped up in the second half, holding the Springers to just 119 yards of total offense after surrendering 241 in the first half as Highland Springs built a 21-13 lead.

Norview steamed down the field to open the third quarter, scoring on a five-play, 67-yard drive capped by a 16-yard touchdown pass from quarterback D.J. Mack to Jamal Deaton. Even though there was over 22 minutes left, the Pilots, who saw an extra point blocked in the first half, went for two to tie the game, and Mack was denied on the quarterback keeper. Norview would never draw closer.

Highland Springs struggled to find the end zone, finally doing so with 6:25 left as quarterback Juwan Carter ended a thirteen-play drive with an 11 yard run to give the Springers a 28-19 lead. Beforehand, a field goal attempt had been blocked, putting the Springers essentially in "all or nothing" mode once they returned to the red zone.

Norview answered immediately, spreading the field, allowing Mack to elude the rush and either hit big plays with his arm or using his feet. Five plays and 72 yards later, Mack found Kavon Lawson from 12 yards to cut the margin to a field goal at 28-25 with 5:15 left.

With the Pilots scoring with such ease, it became imperative for the Springers to try to score again and run down as much clock as possible. They accomplished one of two tasks, running the clock down to 1:48, but a Carter pass on fourth down was wide, and Norview took over with no timeouts at their own 24.

A defensive holding call gave Norview a free first down at their 34. A six-yard pass on second down made it third and four at the 40 as the clock approached 1:00. A would-be first down pass in Springer territory was dropped, bringing up fourth down. Mack completeed a pass just into Highland Springs territory to move the chain at :57.3 left.

Then, a combination of timely Springer defensive moves and a costly decision by Mack closed the door on the Pilots. Michael Greene led a sack of Mack, who quickly got his team to the line, then spiked the ball, apparently. But, being in the pistol formation instead of under center, the officials ruled the spike a forward pass, and Mack was flagged for intentional grounding. The loss of down was the most critical, making it third and 26. After an incompletion, the Pilots were down to one play. Mack was flushed out of the pocket, the Springer back seven masterfully in coverage. Aaron Motley caught up to Mack, bringing him down, and sending Springer Nation back to the promised land.

Carter was 5-for-9 for 144 yards and a touchdown pass, plus two touchdown runs. The Springers had 360 yards of total offense, was only three for eight in third down conversions, and, admittedly, did not have their strongest performance Saturday. But it was enough to secure the victory.

Now Highland Springs turns their attention to Stone Bridge, a team they turned one-dimensional early in last year's championship game en route to a 27-7 victory and the school's first state football title since 1961 and first ever won on the field. The Bulldogs will obviously work the revenge factor, but what they may not realize is the 2016 Highland Springs Springers are not the 2015 edition. They know they must improve. They are not on a roll in terms of execution.

But they are on an emotional roll, experiencing events in recent weeks that teenagers shouldn't have to worry about when they take to the solace of a football field. The Springers will, indeed, be "Angie Strong" when they arrive at Hampton University.

NOTE: The 5A State Championship begins Saturday, December 10th at 12:07pm. Tickets are $10, the game is at Hampton University this season, a new site predetermined by the Virginia High School League.

Follow @henricosports on Twitter for the most comprehensive social media coverage of Highland Springs next Saturday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

PODCAST: #6 Henrico at #7 Hermitage

Fans, we deeply apologize for the technical issues that were completely out of our control regarding our YouTube Channel tonight.

We recorded our broadcast, so you can listen to Henrico's 85-64 win over Hermitage by clicking HERE.