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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

HONORS: Glen Allen's Wells Named Second Team All-State!

Congratulations to Glen Allen senior setter Lauren Wells, who was named to the Second Team for Group 4A All-State Girls Volleyball on Tuesday.

Wells helped lead the Jaguars to the Conference 20 Tournament Championship, knocking off top-seeded Hanover, and advancing to the 4A South Region Semifinals.

Way to go, Lauren! To see the complete team listing, click HERE.

Monday, November 24, 2014

HONORS: All-Conference 11 Football

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being honored with selections to the All-Conference 11 Football Team:


Center: Travon Carter, Hermitage
OL: Demetrius Arties, Highland Springs
OL: Austin Cannon, Atlee
OL: Truvelle Wilson, Henrico
OL: Kemmone Henderson, Hermitage
TE: James Blevins, Douglas Freeman
WR: Ricky Lewis, Mills Godwin
WR: Greg Dortch, Highland Springs
WR: Kaelin Snead, Hermitage
RB: Loumond Dandridge, Atlee
RB: Xavier Goodall, Henrico
RB: Johntae Wilson, Hermitage
QB: Rashad Robinson, Hermitage
Utility: Marcus Taylor, Highland Springs

DE: Tanner Ramey, Atlee
DE: Nic Jones, Hermitage
DL: Tavien Blackwell, Highland Springs
DL: Kevonte Demery, Henrico
DL: Sulaiman Kamara, Hermitage
DL: Daishawn Woodson, Hermitage
LB: K.C. Hinton, Highland Springs
LB: Chad Vanlandingham, Atlee
LB: Kadofi Wright, Henrico
LB: John Kinney, Hermitage
DB: Tramell Carey, Atlee
DB: Tre Heath, Highland Springs
DB: Deshawn Robinson, Henrico
DB: Jaden Miller, Hermitage
P: Jesus Rodriguez, Hermitage
K: Ethan Ratke, Atlee
PR: Greg Dortch, Highland Springs
KR: Marcus Taylor, Highland Springs
Utility: Dallas Carter-Taylor, Hermitage

Conference 11 Offensive Player of the Year: Johntae Wilson, Hermitage
Conference 11 Defensive Player of the Year: Sulaiman Kamara, Hermitage

Center: Thomas Sargeant, Atlee
OL: Malik Waddy, Highland Springs
OL: Cole Simms, Atlee
OL: John Kastner, Mills Godwin
OL: Corey Harris, Hermitage
TE: Isaiah Winstead, Henrico
WR: Tramell Carey, Atlee
WR: Nick Reisenweaver, Lee-Davis
WR: Felton Davis, Highland Springs
RB: K.C. Hinton, Highland Springs
RB: Evan Tyler, Douglas Freeman
RB: Wesley Dugger, Mills Godwin
RB: Kobe Chavis, Henrico
QB: Juwan Carter, Highland Springs

DE: Jordan Owens, Highland Springs
DE: Khris Smith, Henrico
DL: Jake Hendricks, Douglas Freeman
DL: Mason Cooper, Atlee
DL: Aarin Henderson, Highland Springs
DL: Immanuel Lee, Henrico
LB: Tyson Tillar, Highland Springs
LB: Ricky DeBerry, Atlee
LB: Ben Carroll, Mills Godwin
LB: Xavier Goodall, Henrico
DB: Terell Cisneros, Douglas Freeman
DB: Travis Stackhow, Douglas Freeman
DB: Tank Scott, Highland Springs
DB: Dallas Carter, Hermitage
P: Garrett Morgan, Atlee
KR: Ricky Lewis, Mills Godwin
PR: Brandon Crosby, Atlee

Center: Mike Green, Highland Springs
OL: Saije Daniel, Highland Springs
OL: C.J. Tilton, Atlee
OL: Ryan Walter, Douglas Freeman
OL: Jacob Smith, Mills Godwin
WR: Andrew Oostdyk, Douglas Freeman
WR: Zach Jacobs, Atlee
WR: Brandon Crosby, Atlee
RB: Marcus Taylor, Highland Springs
RB: Nathan Evans, Lee-Davis
RB: A.J. Zollar, Atlee
QB: Rashard Harris, Atlee

DE: C.J. Bynum, Highland Springs
DE: Sam Tanner, Lee-Davis
DL: Ben Hinkle, Deep Run
LB: Max Palkovics, Deep Run
LB: Chalin Fairly, Atlee
LB: Nathan Evans, Lee-Davis
LB: Zach Carter, Douglas Freeman
DB: Blake Stattelman, Lee-Davis
DB: D'Andre Walker, Henrico
P: Tank Scott, Highland Springs
K: Andrew Ryan, Douglas Freeman
PR: Kaelin Snead, Hermitage

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

HONORS: All-Conference 20 Football

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-Conference 20 Football Team this season:


DE: John Branch, Dinwiddie
DE: D.J. Peterson, Monacan
DE: Blake Johansen, Hanover
DL: Malik Milkins, Dinwiddie
DL: Isaiah Fludd, Monacan
DL: Kevin Sisson, Hanover
LB: Jarod Goodwyn, Dinwiddie
LB: Deandre Williams, Monacan
LB: T.J. Allen, Hanover
LB: Taj Conway, J.R. Tucker
DB: Denzel Williams, Dinwiddie
DB: Malik Scott, Dinwiddie
DB: Justin Moody, Monacan
DB: Ryan Mallory, Hanover
P: Dakotah Hansen, Dinwiddie
PR: Malik VanBrussel, J.R. Tucker
UTILITY: Tabb Patrick, Hanover
                Michael Warren, Midlothian

DE: Dakotah Hansen, Dinwiddie
DL: Juwan Addison, Monacan
DL: Alex Dillard, Hanover
DL: Bryant Bonzali, J.R. Tucker
LB: Cecil Parham, Dinwiddie
LB: Tabb Patrick, Hanover
LB: Nick Parrish, Glen Allen
LB: Michael Warren: Midlothian
DB: Reggie Williams, Dinwiddie
DB: Diontae Bruce, Monacan
DB: Cole Bordonie, Hanover
DB: Isaiah Kneeland, J.R. Tucker
DB: Keyan Gant, Midlothian
PR: Reggie Williams, Dinwiddie

DE: Tahlik Banks, J.R. Tucker
DE: Xavier Bryson, Hanover
DL: Zach Pettit, Midlothian
LB: Robert Gerber, III, Caroline
LB: Kelvin Azanama, Monacan
LB: Tyler Leyden, Monacan
LB: Tanner Lacey, Hanover
DB: JaQuan Monroe, Caroline
DB: Tyree Dorsey, J.R. Tucker
DB: Tristen May, Midlothian
UTILITY: Cecil Parham, Dinwiddie


C: Aaron Gallagher, Hanover
OL: Miles Scott, Dinwiddie
OL: Mac Patrick, Hanover
OL: Isaiah Fludd, Monacan
OL: Dylan Roberts, Caroline
TE: DeAndre Christopher, Caroline
WR: Cole Blackman, Glen Allen
WR: Justin Moody, Monacan
WR: K'Vaughan Pope, Dinwiddie
RB: Denzel Williams, Dinwiddie
RB: Malik VanBrussel, J.R. Tucker
QB: Clayton Cheatham, Hanover
K: Cody Bell, Dinwiddie
KR: Dante Coleman, Glen Allen
UTILITY: Michael Warren, Midlothian

C: Canaan Mills, Dinwiddie
OL: Joe Fishpaw, Hanover
OL: Ethan Boeding, Hanover
OL: Ryan Ripley, Glen Allen
OL: Juwan Addison, Monacan
TE: Bryant Bonzali, J.R. Tucker
WR: Dakarai Wilson, Dinwiddie
WR: Marcus Bazala, Hanover
WR: JaQuan Monroe, Caroline
RB: Khalik Hamlin, Monacan
RB: Taj Conway, J.R. Tucker
RB: Michael Warren, Midlothian
QB: Bryce Witt, Dinwiddie
UTILITY: Marcus Bazala, Hanover

C: Daulton DeMay, Monacan
WR: Le'Ron Gales, Monacan
WR: T.J. Little, Monacan
RB: James Johnson, Glen Allen
RB/KR: Travaughan Cooper, Dinwiddie
QB: Syour Fludd, Monacan
KR: Keyan Gant, Midlothian
UTILITY: JaQuan Monroe, Caroline
                Khalik Hamlin, Monacan

Conference 20 Offensive Player of The Year: Clayton Cheatham, Hanover
Conference 20 Defensive Player of The Year: Denzel William, Dinwiddie
Conference 20 Coach of The Year: Jim Henderson, Monacan

HONORS: All-5A South Region Boys & Girls Volleyball Teams

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for their achievement on being named to the 2014 All-5A South Region Boys and Girls Volleyball Teams!


Alex Toben, Princess Anne
Kendyll Brown, Lee-Davis
Emily Plumlee, Hickory
Elizabeth Britton, Clover Hill
Melanie Snyder, Atlee
Alyssa Presto, Princess Anne
Reilly King, Kellam
Jordan Martin, Lee-Davis
Margaret Latchford, Princess Anne (Libero)

Anna Soroka, Lee-Davis
Maddie French, Atlee
Katie Piper, Kellam
MacKenzie Brewer, Mills Godwin
Abby Bottomley, Princess Anne
Leah Dillard, Douglas Freeman
Christina Booth, Great Bridge
Lache Harper, L.C. Bird
Rianna Riccardi, Lee-Davis (Libero)

Tatum Kendall, Deep Run
Erin Parks, Hickory
Savannah Marshall, Kellam
Jessica Calvert, Salem
Ashley Williams, Green Run
Michelle Holtje, Great Bridge
Elli Lawrence, Warwick
Emily Sutton, Hickory
Angelica Brooks-Taylor, Warwick
Ally Evans, Manchester
Erica Wilson, Prince George
Jerrica Fegans, L.C. Bird
Cheyenne Eaglin, Clover Hill
Taylor Patterson, Matoaca
Lexi Lyons, Prince George
Hannah Znotes, Clover Hill (Libero)

5A South Region Co-Players of The Year: Alex Toben (Princess Anne) & Kendyll Brown (Lee-Davis)
5A South Region Coach of The Year: Craig Dooren (Princess Anne)


Kyle Barnes, Princess Anne
James Knight, Hickory
Craig Nelms, Deep Run
Patrick Sanders, Clover Hill
Courtland Scharenborg, Princess Anne
Shane Linbaugh, Maury
Chase Howard, Princess Anne
Christian Taylor, Deep Run
Tyler Mead, Deep Run (Libero)

Jeremy Eye, Atlee
Coleman McClellan, Douglas Freeman
Julian Young, Clover Hill
Charlie Seerden, Maury
Alex Rae, Atlee
Spencer West, Mills Godwin
Collin Scott, Kellam
Davis King, Maury
Joseph Atkins, Kellam (Libero)

Bryce Gatling, Norview
Lance Marshall, Lee-Davis
Chase Buchanan, Patrick Henry
Edward Carbaugh, Indian River
Zach French, Indian River
Mitchell Kangas, Great Bridge
Matt Montague, Hickory
Jackson Parker, Great Bridge
Jack Popelka, Great Bridge
Brace Brillhart, Indian River
Nick Murphy, Manchester
Sam Burch, Prince George
Alex Flickinger, Prince George
Teddy Lutge, Clover Hill
Andrew Price, Clover Hill
Brian McGee, Clover Hill

5A South Region Player of The Year: Kyle Barns, Princess Anne
5A South Region Coach of The Year: Jeff Pye, Maury

Monday, November 17, 2014

HONORS: 12 Blue Devils Make All-Conference 3 Football Team

Congratulations to the follow student-athletes for receiving All-Conference 3 Football honors announced today. Unanimous selections are noted with (*).


Center: Andrew Crostic, Varina
OL: Charles Hall, Varina*
OL: Josh Parker, Thomas Dale*
OL: Isaiah Christmas, James River
OL: Clay Woolwine, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
OL: Taylor Griffin, Cosby
TE: Marco Carrabotta, Thomas Dale*
WR: Nygel Lee, James River*
WR: Desmond Smith, Varina
WR: Marcus Terry, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
RB: Eric Finney, Thomas Dale*
RB: Allisshuwa Becoat, Varina*
RB: Quintreil Chung, James River*
QB: Khalid Morris, Thomas Dale
K: Bryson Henry, Cosby*
KR: Andrew Harris, Franklin County*
Offense All-Purpose: Quintreil Chung, James River


DL: Drew Birchmeier, Cosby*
DL: Akeem Smith, Varina
DL: Darvin Taylor, Thomas Dale
DE: Marco Carrabotta, Thomas Dale
DE: Arnold Roots, Varina
LB: Nick Ianuzzi, Cosby*
LB: Matt Duignam, James River*
LB: Sam Stark, Thomas Dale
LB: Chris Tedder, Varina
DB: Bradley Parcell, Franklin County*
DB: Ryan Ott, James River*
DB: Torin Prentice, Cosby*
DB: Trent Williams, Thomas Dale
P: Marshall Bloom, Cosby
PR: Trent Williams, Thomas Dale*
Defense All Purpose: Marco Carrabotta, Thomas Dale*

Conference 3 Offensive Player of The Year: Eric Finney, Thomas Dale
Conference 3 Defensive Player of The Year: Marco Carrabotta, Thomas Dale
Conference 3 Coach of The Year: Kevin Tucker, Thomas Dale


Center: Blayze Gray, James River
OL: Quincy Payne, Cosby
OL: Kyle Adams, Franklin County
OL: Trevor Reed, Thomas Dale
OL: Russell Hicks, Varina
OL: Bryce Sizemore, Thomas Dale
TE: Tyler Bennett, Franklin County
WR: Brian Bullock, Thomas Dale
WR: Rasheed Whorley, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
WR: Christian Redman, James River
WR: Kameron Cladwell, Cosby
RB: Tyler Wells, Cosby
RB: Trent Williams, Thomas Dale
RB: Andrew Harris, Franklin County
RB: Javaun James, James River
QB: Quishon Calfee, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
K: Plato Eliedes, Thomas Dale
KR: Trent Williams, Thomas Dale
       Rasheed Whorley, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
Offense All-Purpose: Corey Finney, Varina


DL: Nick Turner, Franklin County
DL: Jacob Trout, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
DL: Jeff Combs, Cosby
DE: Marquise Culver, James River
DE: Justin Amagoh, Thomas Dale
LB: Tyler Jones, Franklin County
LB: Raguan Hall, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
LB: Keith Anderson, Thomas Dale
LB: Brydon Carroll, Varina
DB: Davon Wright, Varina
DB: Tyler Wells, Cosby
DB: Brandon Macklin, Patrick Henry-Roanoke
DB: Alonzie Carter, Thomas Dale
DB: Christian Redman, James River
P: Nick Nunez, Varina
PR: Nygel Lee, James River
Defense All-Purpose: Justice Peebles, James River

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Congratulations to the following student-athletes for being named to the All-4A South Region Girls Volleyball Team. Area players are in bold:


Christa Hall, Grafton
Miranda Hall, Hanover
Maria Esch, Jamestown
Ellie Popelka, Jamestown
Taylor Smith, Heritage
Lauren Wells, Glen Allen
Rachel Blitt, Grafton
Taylor Gail, Deep Creek
Rebecca Hoover, Hanover (Libero)


Sophia Beaudoin, Grafton
Tess Anderson, Jamestown
Leila Haynesworth, Hanover
Camryn Holt, Nansemond River
Ashley Condrey, Midlothian
Myah Massenburg, Glen Allen
Maddie Spence, Jamestown
Kelli Nee, Powhatan
Gen Allison, Jamestown (Libero)


Dara VanSkyhawk, Wilson
Naomi Whitaker, I.C. Norcom
Allison Ball, Churchland
Lacey Klooster, Deep Creek
Langley Ungaro, Churchland
Scottie Johnson, Deep Creek
Jazlyn Dunn, Kings Fork
Cydney Nichols, Kings Fork
Latonia Thomas, Kings Fork
D.J. Patterson, Lakeland
Madison McGrath, Nansemond River
Lauryn Basl, Midlothian
Tiffany Cox, Kings Fork

Friday, November 14, 2014

FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS: Hermitage Wows, Springers Survive....


#3 HERMITAGE 40, #6 HENRICO 14: The Panthers, now 11-0, found a way to run around, and through, the Henrico defense, who had their worst performance of the season at the worst possible time. Johntae Wilson ran for 244 yards as Hermitage ran away from Henrico to finish the Warriors' season at 8-3. Tonight was their first playoff game in a decade. The Panthers, though unbeaten, now must hit the road to battle fellow unbeaten Manchester in the next round.

#1 HIGHLAND SPRINGS 34, #8 MEADOWBROOK 29: The Monarchs had an upset in their hands and let it slip away. After leading all night, and up 29-14 with eight minutes to go, the Springers struck quickly for 20 points in under six minutes to survive at home. The second touchdown of the comeback, a pass from Juwan Carter to Greg Dortch, made it 29-27, but the two-point conversion was dropped. Highland Springs' only choice was an onside kick, which was recovered. Moments later, Carter found Dortch again for the winning score. The Springers are 11-0, and will have to perform much better next week when two-time defending state champion L.C. Bird comes calling in the second round.

#2 MANCHESTER 39, #7 DOUGLAS FREEMAN 21: The Lancers got revenge for the one that got away at Douglas Freeman, 48-47 in triple overtime in the first round a year ago, by dominating early and keeping the lead all night long to advance to 11-0. The Rebels end their 2014 campaign on a two-game losing streak at 7-4.


#4 L.C. Bird (9-2) at #1 Highland Springs (11-0)
#3 Hermitage (11-0) at #2 Manchester (11-0)